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Why Mixing In Mono Is The Secret – RecordingRevolution.com

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Do you struggle to get your mixes to sound great outside of your studio? Do they fall apart once you get to your car or laptop speakers?

What if I told you that the easiest way to guarantee you churn out a balanced, clear, and killer mix was to begin mixing in mono?

Would you laugh at me? Or would you be willing to unpack the logic to this bizarre method?


38 thoughts on “Why Mixing In Mono Is The Secret – RecordingRevolution.com

  1. While I agree somewhat, certain mixing decisions require stereo to be done properly. If you try to make all your reverb adjustments in mono you'll have way too much reverb in stereo. I do however level and EQ in mono. I'm no pro but these are just a few things I picked up on experimenting.

  2. "My mix is not gonna be played in mono…." a couple billion smart phones beg to differ….I used to literally hate hearing/seeing people actually listen to and share music with eachother on their phone speakers, but in this day and age that's like hating sunshine…so I've grown to accept it…and even if you use a decent bluetooth speaker…still mono

  3. So far all of the really big name mixers like Schepps,Alge and Clearmountain plus others,they all say this mono mixing is basically redundant because you will end up in stereo anyway. You could possibly quickly check something in mono but never mix the whole song in mono. Ive tried this and i gained nothing from it. I mixed in mono and after balancing in mono,when i returned my song to stereo,it was how it was before going to mono. This tip is a huge time waster.

    I would say that IF you have to mix in mono,there is already a problem somewhere in your mix itself.

  4. This was very helpful Graham! I wish I knew this sooner, before I released my album. But I'll definitely be using this technique for future albums. It does make sense that mixing in mono would make everything in stereo sound better. Thank you!

  5. Van Halen used something like drums and bass on the left and vocals and guitar on the right, and then put each tracks respective mono reverb on the other side of each track. So if the guitar is on the left, the guitar's reverb will be on the right, and you get a real left and right sound with a gigantic 3D spatial effect with say the guitar streaking from left to right as it gets further away, and it just works. It is a crazy way to mix, but it sounds fun and alive. …like the great Van Halen.

  6. I'm having an issue with the Apollo twin, when I record the volume level of the mic it seems to lose power and the loudness of it goes down, my computer is super powerful and I'm not sure why I'm having this issue. Any help would be appreciated, thank you

  7. Hello Graham, when you have all set and done, how do you transport your final mix? I cannot find anything about it!
    Thanks for all the great work you been showing and teaching us!!
    Cheers C.

  8. I record my guitar tracks via a processor in stereo wet, sometimes 4 or 6 tracks in harmony using studio one Artist, so how do I turn off the stereo to mono to mix and experiment with your advice?

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