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Vinyl Record Art made on a CNC router

Time lapse of making a VW themed vinyl record clock on a shapeoko 3 XXL.

To see more of my work follow me on

To see more of my work you can follow me on

Facebook https://bit.ly/2Dhwxgt

Instagram https://bit.ly/2zG11VG

Etsy https://etsy.me/2qFYK95Equipmant used

Sony A6000 https://goo.gl/kn9y3g

Shapeoko 3 XXL By carbide 3D


16 thoughts on “Vinyl Record Art made on a CNC router

  1. What's your feed and speed on this if you dont mind me asking? I have been using a 30deg engraving bit, but I'm having to take multiple passes so I dont break the small parts.

  2. WOW just have my 6040 set up any other tricks … making my own designs … because of so bad batches from Asia, walked myself threw design to to cut … setup my machine made a few failures on the road for the perfect cut

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