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Tips for Weeding Heat Transfer Vinyl Faster

Josh Ellsworth with Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Direct http://cadcutdirect.com shares tips and tricks to improve your production and speed when weeding heat transfer material designs using a Stahls’ EZ Weeder http://www.stahls.com/ez-weeder

For more heat printing tips and tricks, connect with Stahls’ Blog at https://blog.stahls.com/


25 thoughts on “Tips for Weeding Heat Transfer Vinyl Faster

  1. I use nothing but the exacto knife, and using my fingers as tweezer
    like tools I can stick the extra to them, and speed through this stuff
    really fast. Also when he was pulling up the first sheet in one long
    pull, I use the exacto to add cut lines and can pull off smaller pieces
    faster and get the whole thing done faster then he did the first part.

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