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Rope – CD vs. Vinyl mastering comparison

Upper waveform: CD version
Lower waveform: Official Vinyl Rip – full album download cut from the original vinyl recording. Available through a coupon included into the 2LP US release. (http://tinyurl.com/ldg9vfv)

A little comparison between two versions of song ‘Rope’ by Foo Fighters. As you can hear, it is very clear that they’re actually from a different source (for example: listen to the solo section in the end of the song). Vinyl version is crisp (DR11) while the CD is horribly overcompressed and brickwalled (DR5). This is not some home-made vinyl recording, it’s an official vinyl rip made from the vinyl master.



4 thoughts on “Rope – CD vs. Vinyl mastering comparison

  1. Vinyl sound much better, im cutting vinyl records and i know how much heart people putting into mastering, this is long and beautiful process, but i know peoples who mastering vinyl record from CD and i dont see point, because mastering vinyl from cd makes final record sound like cd.

  2. this article is rubbish, the best dynamics and source of highest quality audio is youtube without a doubt.

    fuck "analogue warmth", give me the satisfying bit crunch of multiply re-encoded MP2 any-day, also you get all sorts of extra desktop noises for your money

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