Furnace Pressing Plant Fires Up!

Last year when AnalogPlanet first visited Furnace Pressing in Alexandria Virginia (https://youtu.be/Dz2yfw5jsXw) it was an enormous, mostly empty building. The vinyl pressing plant infrastructure installation had just begun.

Only a true visionary like Furnace’s Eric Astor could see how the place would look a year later but now so can you! More than a half dozen record presses are now operational with more coming on line by the beginning of 2019.

All of Furnace’s packaging facilities have been moved from the previous overcrowded facilities to the new spacious location. In this video you’ll see the new offices, listening room, conference space and one man’s pressing plant vision become a reality.

In this video you’ll see what it takes to manufacture, package and ship large quantities of vinyl records. If you think they are overpriced, this video might give you reasons to conclude otherwise!

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