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Furnace Pressing Plant Fires Up!

Last year when AnalogPlanet first visited Furnace Pressing in Alexandria Virginia (https://youtu.be/Dz2yfw5jsXw) it was an enormous, mostly empty building. The vinyl pressing plant infrastructure installation had just begun.

Only a true visionary like Furnace’s Eric Astor could see how the place would look a year later but now so can you! More than a half dozen record presses are now operational with more coming on line by the beginning of 2019.

All of Furnace’s packaging facilities have been moved from the previous overcrowded facilities to the new spacious location. In this video you’ll see the new offices, listening room, conference space and one man’s pressing plant vision become a reality.

In this video you’ll see what it takes to manufacture, package and ship large quantities of vinyl records. If you think they are overpriced, this video might give you reasons to conclude otherwise!

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49 thoughts on “Furnace Pressing Plant Fires Up!

  1. God I wish I lived near by.
    I’m retired but would love to work
    for free just to witness Furnace’s
    continued growth. I guess all I can
    do from Canada is buy anything
    they have pressed. Very fascinating Michel. Thanks 😎

  2. Top notch video.So glad this facility is in the DMV.I can literally drive there within twenty minutes.I hope they can brand like Third Man Records ,but something tells me he is more focused on the pressing process only.

  3. stay far, far away from this company. they will feed you lies, take your money and then break promises, deliver trash late with missing line items, use your physical media to advertise without permission, nickel and dime you at every turn, leave you high and dry when you need them the most and will never, ever make it right. no attention to detail, no reliability, no responsibility and no apologies. they don't even have the sand to pick up the phone when you call, either. complete scumbags.

  4. A great video, thank you for sharing this. I loved learning about all the nitty gritty of how records are made, and the technology they're brining to bear to make it as efficient as possible. Especially being able to reuse all the trimmings and punch out and grind up all the rejects (maybe they could make souvenir coasters from the punched-out centers? 😛 I bet some record label executive would object).

  5. Bren Mar Dr. I grew up about a mile or so down the creek on the other side of Cameron Station. My parent's lived there for 60 years in the same house. Never knew about this part of the giant warehouse district that runs between the RR tracks and Duke Street (more or less). I need a job lol!!

  6. My hometown Alexandria, (born in Georgetown Hospital in DC). I will have to stop in next trip, I need a job lol.
    Must be down off Route 1, not far from where Amazon is moving in. I grew up next to the warehouse complexes by the train tracks that are slightly east of Duke Street but don't recall any of them being that large. I guess I'll click on the link to see if I'm right. Malachi would have loved that trip!
    I was wrong, it's actually about a mile down the creek to the house my parent's owned for 60 years, and yet I never ventured to this part of the city.

  7. Does this record plant actually have a dedicated listening room? Excuse me, I mean "quality control specialist environment". They should. Being able to sit down and really LISTEN to your product under very favorable listening conditions would seem to me to be an essential form of quality control for new pressed vinyl.

  8. I just wanna support this guy’s company. His enthusiasm and passion is infectious. So glad there’s a quality plant near me. I’ll be paying a visit from Maryland when events happen. Thanks, Michael.

  9. By the way, it is great to hear that someone finally had the guts to begin manufacturing standard weight vinyl records instead of heavy weight 180-200gram. I can not tell you how many people out there with a turntable SHOULD be buying standard weight vinyl records. It is a waste for people to consider buying ANY heavy weight vinyl records when their turntables are not set up or aligned properly to play them in the first place!

  10. Simply amazing! I can not compliment Eric enough on his work ethic and attitude to keep pushing forward. To not stand pat and always be looking at ways to improve to be that much better than before or better than the rest. To look and listen to suggestions on how he can be the best. This is all about doing it RIGHT! Quality Control to the max and maximizing time and effort efficiently without cutting corners to speed up any of the processes. Not only this but a business owner who cares about his employees as family. This is no doubt a company I would love to work for. Great video Michael!

  11. Regardless on my rants for you not putting enough attention on metal. thank you so much for your work michael. I have rediscover music with the comeback of vinyl and the funny thing is that i never left music yet I love it so much more again. Like waking up one day and finding your wife is 20 years old again lol

  12. Wow! I got to learn a new thing here. I never thought that 7” records were produced on a different pressing machine. I thought they were churned out from the same machine that produces the 12” records. These pressing plants are truly an engineering marvel in itself! Made me love my records all the more! I also love how the owner is explaining not only the machines but the technical features they are doing to the records! From the required water pressure and temperature to that “screw” thing…that was a real insight into my record manufacturing knowledge. Truly enlightening 😎😍! I would love to be working in one of these places…😍🤓😎👍

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