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Daft Punk vinyl: dynamics – or just EQ ?

This is NOT a CD versus vinyl comparison !

Analysis and comparison of the dynamics of the CD and vinyl versions of Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”. DOES the vinyl sound more dynamic? The results may surprise you…

Daft Punk: CD versus vinyl comparison video


21 thoughts on “Daft Punk vinyl: dynamics – or just EQ ?

  1. Вы послушайте первый трек первой стороны первой пластинки и первый трек на второй стороне первой пластинки )) Там не всё так радужно ) Тональность -то плывёт ! И это всё проделки кривой штамповки )) У меня на Коламбии такое и было, аж воротило когда тон плыл! И считаю , сравнивать компач и винилку при современных дигитальных студиях – это переливать из пустого в порожнее ))

  2. The problem with Daft Punk vinyls is that they were designed to run on nightclub DJ turntables which are built like tanks. especially the earlier albums like Homework or Discovery, which will occasionally skip even with a brand new vinyl simply because the song is so heavy

  3. Not a valid test…. What is the cartridge been used to play this record, what is the preamp been used to amplify the output of the record, was it a Mm or a MC cartridge, what was the impedance loading of the cartridge, did the preamp has a loading selector, what cables are used between the pickup cartridge and the preamp, I can go on and on, but really especially in analog equepment there are so many variables witch can color a sound, so as I understand you compared a recording from a anologe source made by a friend to a cd recording? This is does not say a thing, really, the number one reason which speaks for digital is just the fact that at last the consumer can be pretty sure that what they listen to will sound just about the same on theirs ore an other CD player….. (ofcourse there Is a lot of sound difference even between cd player) but to a lesser extend than between turntables/cartridges and preamp, so in general digital IS way better than analoge equipment, what this world needs are good musicians and good engineers!

  4. Sound stage is better from LP and more natural, I do not know, use my self digital audio CD, Mp3-s, HD videos, HD music from YT, digital live concerts from DVD-s but vinyl have made music live, always much better than CD, and I find real reason for that.. one day will made video.

  5. Why does the vinyl master have more dynamics if vinyls don't allow as much dynamic range as the CD does?
    Good video btw, I've definitely learned something new. I find terrific how the CD version sounds in comparation with the vinyl.

  6. it change before the EQ the sub seems less prominent in the Vynil version but more defined than in the CD the rest as you said at 2:25 where the sub are more presents to compare, the congestion seems to affect the entire frecuency range, you can do match EQ with Fab Filter pro Q or similar 🙂 thanks nice channel, still think there is a difference in dynamiques the metter show it as well what you call congestion which is still present after EQ-ing, for dynamique why you don´t focus on the depth as well instruments sparation that´s what reveal the dynamiques, the Vynil still is a little better after EQ, before EQ it is nught and day

  7. In Greece there is a proverb… "what the fox cannot reach she makes it a place to hang her valuable things"!!!
    I personally believe that DISTORTION gets created from moving the wav from digital to analog back and forth…!!!
    check out my LOUD MASTERS at http://www.michaelmoutsopoulos.com
    What they talk about psycho-acoustics is complete rubbish because the loud master is NOT dependent on compression or limiting BUT EQ!!! What the mastering engineers do NOT understand is that the more peaks hit zero decibels the more INTENSE the master becomes FROM INCREASING PRESSURE TOWARDS ZERO DB LIKE BOUNCING A BASKETBALL AND THAT IS NOT MERELY INCREASING LEVEL BUT INCREASING INTENSITY!!! BUT CLIPPING DELIBERATELY PEAKS AND MAKING THEM SQUARE AT ZERO DB KICKS AND SNARES IS A FACTOR THAT CREATES DISTORTION AND THAT IS WHERE ANALOG MASTERING FAILS!!!

  8. the vinyl version has so much more bass, vinyl always has more bass than digital to me but this is just too much for my likings i have a separate subwoofer and i have to turn it way down or even off. that's great for people without a subwoofer but i don't like it

  9. Love it. Thank you. The vinyl had a denser low end which I think created more contrast in the overall mix, thus allowing the listener to perceive that the vinyl version sounded more open and dynamic. Cymbal crashes are very different between the 2 as well.
    Anyhow. I loved the album and I have the cd and it is lovely to play on HD equipment. Nothing harsh or ear fatiguing at all. Thank you Bob Ludwig!!!

  10. I actually kinda like Contact like that. A little compressed. It's loud, but on the WEB downloads it's actually not distorted. It impacts. But the other tracks sound so much better so dynamic. I also still think CD sounds slightly sharper on the highs when you factor in the preamp on the vinyl being top end heavy.

  11. Thanks for the great vid Mr. Shepard! Personally perceived the slight difference as a major one (I have extremely sensitive ears, I can perceive a difference down to 0.5dB) Since the average difference is around 3-5 dB (give or take). NOTE to the other commentators, this difference is PARTICULAR TO ME and obviously won't be applicable to most other people.

  12. I only watched the video for about 4:30, but I think I don't have to finish the whole thing, because the difference has nothing to do with vinyl and CD.

    Why I say so? All I heard is from the digital form from YouTube, right? Nobody can argue about this. I can extract the audio from the vinyl portion of this video and put on a CD. The playback of the CD will be as good as from the video. Therefore, nobody can say which one is better and which one is worse.

    The difference is due to the settings chosen by the sound engineer. It has nothing to do with the media.

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