Mastering is not as complicated as many people make it out to be, and its not something to fear! .
This is part of a video I uploaded to my YouTube channel recently, so check my Bio if you want to see the full thing. .
Mastering is basically just the final treatment you put on your entire mix before releasing it. It can involve a lot of subtle steps, but in general it will involve EQ, compression, and limiting. The art in mastering is knowing how to make huge impact with subtle changes, so never drastically change your song with the master. .
Ozone8 is a great tool by Izotope that can actually teach you how to master your own audio. There are presets you can use, but I advise if you use them to make sure you study them and learn what they’re doing. The tool itself is incredibly powerful and allows for fast mastering once you learn it since you don’t need to use multiple plugins on your master bus (although after Ozone I typically use several meters to monitor my dynamic range and overall EQ curves).



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