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Surround Sound in Logic Pro X

An introduction to working with surround sound mixing in Logic Pro X. This tutorial assumes you know how to edit audio, use busses, apply effects, change a track’s input/output routing and its type (mono/stereo/surround) in Logic Pro X. We only discuss the basic mechanics of setting up your session for surround, not actual mixing or industry expectations. That is meant for in-class discussion.


14 thoughts on “Surround Sound in Logic Pro X

  1. SPLITTING 5.1 INTO INDIVIDUAL TRACKS. Hi. In Final Cut Pro, I can import a 5.1 file and with one mouse click, easily expand/collapse as many times as I want, into several mono tracks, is there an easy way to do this in Logic? I want to end up with a stereo mix, but want to be able to edit the individual channels in the 5.1 sample Apple file. I am not a musician or want to or can be one, I am new to Logic and don't understand buses. I should read up on it. This video perhaps provides an answer, I just wanted to see if there was an easy expand/collapse feature as there is in Final Cut. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. Things are starting to make sense, but one thing puzzles me with this. When you send the Bus outputs from the stereo track to the left and right rear channels, you’re sending the identical stereo mix to both channels; it sounds like the rear channels are effectively mono, despite the panning assignment to one side or the other. Did I miss something?

  3. Hello!
    Father, please …
    As in LOGIC PRO X, save the audio file dolby surround 5.1 without video.
    Only audio is separate from the video.
    What format is needed?
    Thank you in advance!

  4. Is it written somewhere that people need to smack their lips when recording audio? What an absolutely nasty side-effect of not taking the time to read off a script or bullet point. Smack, smack, smack clicked off!

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