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Sound Mixing a Short Film – Tutorial

Sound is the easiest way to see the difference in a student production and professional production. Today Justin goes over how he mixed the sound for Phantom the Fiend!
Software used:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe Audition

Watch Phantom the Fiend here!

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27 thoughts on “Sound Mixing a Short Film – Tutorial

  1. Justin I just finished six minutes of your video and we are voting you ⚡️💥📽🎥✨video man of the month ⚡️💥📽🎥ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… seriously Justin you’re breaking down all the components exactly the video I’ve been looking for 🚀planet 💺🚁🚀 🛰🛸🛸🛸🚠{{{thank you very much }}}and I will be spending some time on your website

  2. Great tutorial, thanks!
    As you said for theatre it's better to stay around -8 to -10 db right?
    But what is your recommendation if I just upload it to Youtube?
    Should I get closer to -1 or 0db then?


  3. Thanks for making this video. I found it really useful. Could I make a recommendation? If you temporarily change your display to a lower resolution, all of the text and buttons in Premiere and Audition should look bigger and easier to read for your viewers. Again, thanks for taking the time to share what you know.

  4. thank you for this tutorial ……i want to do filming myself and this really helps me under stand how to get the best quality for my audio so thank you and keep make films i enjoyed phantom the fiend and the last hotspot

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