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Professional Audio Engineering, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Training Classes

Official ProTools certification classes and professional audio engineering, recording, producing, mixing, and mastering training are now offered at Sound Pure Studios in Durham, North Carolina. Learn how to properly track, edit, mix, and master in a professional studio with professional audio engineers and professional audioians. Classes are being offered in recording rock, jazz, bluegrass, acoustic/singer songwriter, classical, R&B, and hip hop. Learn how to track, mix, and master for surround sound. These classes are perfect for the recording audioian or people who have their own home studios. Call Sound Pure today for more information on classes. 888.528.9703.


22 thoughts on “Professional Audio Engineering, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Training Classes

  1. @danmarcelino No worries at all… if you have any questions about any of it, feel free to call us at 1-919-682-5552. There is a separate entry for studio training on the voicemail. Hope that we can help! Thanks for all the support.

  2. @soundpurestudios lol i guess i shouldve done that first hey?? hahah wow!! that sounds really good already! =] well, i guess im gonna pay a visit to those sites!! thanks a lot!! youz guyz have great service!!!! =D

  3. @danmarcelino Hi Dan! Have you visited the studio-training web page? It has all of the class listed, along with the times, and the cost. There is a range (I think some of the courses are as little as $149), but there's even a season-pass available for purchase for the entire Spring calendar, which is very cool. Anyhow, check out our site for this, which can be accessed at the footer of soundpure(dot)com, or by going directly to protoolscertification(dot)com- let us know if you have trouble

  4. hey again!! i was just wonderin when, where and how long do these classes go for? =] and maybe shoot me a message on how much it is!! im lookin to get some education under my belt! =D

  5. @ricemilk We think our tuitions are quite reasonably, and we are certainly not just a recording studio. In fact, the person that is directing our education department actually came from a neighboring university. We have seen some pretty shocking price, but ours are designed to be price-friendly, and great professional experiences for all skill-levels. Given that we educate customers on gear and technique all the time, this is a logical extension of what we do. Thanks for the comment.

  6. @KwazyTwang that's a LOT more than we charge! Wish you were here too… but at least there is youtube, and we will probably do a bit more educational oriented stuff here as well, over time. We do have some traveling in for our classes, which is really cool…. if you ever decide to make the trip!

  7. Wish I lived there. There's a studio down the road from me that does something similar. Except they want 8 grand. ) : Which is actually really good for certification. Still don't have the funds.

  8. @soundpurestudios You never know, and generally the quality of your videos is amazing, the DVDs could probably sell themselves. You could save on money and make them downloadable with a liscence so production costs would fall, similar to how Steven Slate sets his online sales up 🙂 Would also avoid format complicaitons between regions of the world. I hope you do it though 🙂

  9. @dmckay91 Not a bad idea at all! But, of course, a huge undertaking! We work so hard just to get 1, 2 or 3 short youtube films out every week. A DVD might exceed our bandwidth, at least for the moment!

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