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Mixing and Mastering Audio for Video In Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere has some really solid tools for mixing audio, but if you are new to the program, or even if you’ve used it for quite some time, you might not know where to look.

Here are some pro-level tips that you can use with every edit to get your audio sounding right. These are guaranteed to change how you think of mixing and master audio for your edits.

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7 thoughts on “Mixing and Mastering Audio for Video In Adobe Premiere

  1. Thanks, learned a lot. In some of my produktions I need up to 10 Audiotracks or even more. Mostly I have max two Mikrofones on the set for sometimes five actors. So I have to split it in post and mix them on seperate tracks. One or two Ambient tracks and music will follow. Your tutorial helped me a bit to organize my chaos in Premiere. Thanks for that.

  2. It was pointed out to me recently that the 'EQ' effect is no longer an option. 'Parametric Equalizer' under the same menu is virtually the same effect with some fancy new features.

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