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How to Master a Track in Logic Pro X – Music Production Lesson | Mastering using Stock Plugins

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This video is all about mastering in Logic Pro X, just using Logic’s stock plugins.

Mastering is really the final touches for you mix which includes adding harmonics and presence and colour to the track, also making your track a bit brighter and also a bit louder.

In this video I’m going to show you how to EQ, multi band compress, enhance the stereo image and also limit your track in Logic Pro X.

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25 thoughts on “How to Master a Track in Logic Pro X – Music Production Lesson | Mastering using Stock Plugins

  1. Hey Thomas, I had to sign in and leave a thank you comment and a subscription. Your video really helped me a lot and i can't agree more on your allusion that you made in the beginning of the video: my track has a nice frosting on its cake💪🙌🙏🙏

  2. Thank you but you don't tell what to do if there's some red in the MultiMeter, same in some other plugins. That would've been helpful as no one has the same track as you.

  3. Hi Mate, I have rendered my project in to a WAVE 96KHZ file to master, for some reason I get no sound through my AKG Headphones when I try and play this audio file. I use a Saffire LE audio interface. Could the prolem be the fact the file is 96khz sample rate?

    Appreciate any help with this….. from anyone.


  4. love all the stuff you used. i think you did too much on the presence though. the highs are taking a toll on my ears personally, but def still otherwise the best Logic mastering tutorial ive seen !!

  5. Your video is absolutely amazing. Thanks man I needed this style of video to show me exactly what plugins I need to use and in what order. Very informative too!

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