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In this video, I showcase how I mix my beats using Izotope Ozone 8. This is a good way to get your drums to knock and make sure that your beat doesn’t peak to hard.

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  1. I need to master to go up to a store and sell my beats ? according to what I've been told that the trackout and the wav do not master the mp3 only when I'm going to upload to youtube or stream

  2. i respect the grind, but there is waaay too much misinformation in this video
    there are 3 simple aspects to mixing in a bedroom: levelling, referencing, and knowing how your specific monitors translate

    -levelling: bring all tracks down to 0 db, bring them back up prioritizing what should be the loudest (for this genre is it clearly the drums/808/etc)

    -referencing: over time, compile a list of PROFESSIONALLY recorded/released songs that have a particular standout aspect—good bass, vocals, a specifically punchy kick drum, a certain ambiance…anything you would look to emulate in your own mixes… then listen/compare your own mixes side by side when you are trying to achieve a certain volume/sound/timbre/etc… *ONLY THEN should you be using EQ/compression/any mastering tools or FX to shape your sound to the reference! These FX and plugins will NOT make your mix good if the fundamentals are not applied

    -knowing your monitors: also over time, learn the characteristics of your monitors/speakers' sound and how it differs from other playback sources (headphones, bluetooth speakers, car stereo, etc, this will require listening/testing), learn how your reference sources sound on your monitors… and ideally invest in a second pair of monitors that are different in sound than your 1st pair, it's kind of necessary at a certain point if you want mixes to sound great

    other quick tips: put monitors on stands, research speaker placement and listening sweet-spot, invest in acoustic treatment or follow DIY guides, pan ALL of your sounds (even if by a few notches), research mixing in mono, mix at quieter levels than you listen for enjoyment, cut off all frequencies at 20,000 hz to avoid 'fatiguing' (annoying hi pitched non-musical sounds, i add one on every track as well as the master) and most importantly ENJOY the journey and LOVE what you do 🙂

    there is a lot more to mixing than what ive explained and im no guru lol, but for beat-makers and bedroom producers THIS is what you need to learn. i know it sucks there is no pre-set or easy way to get mixes sounding good, i went through your pain. but learning to mix using these fundamentals will be a truly valuable asset if this is really what you want to do for a living. good luck!!!

  3. I have a question, what video editor should i use to upload videos on Youtube? Because currently my video editor turn the beat volume down and it's getting frustrating.

    Help please.

  4. Off topic but does anyone know how to change the size of the window in ozone? It literally cuts off so I can't tweak the settings. Same thing happened in omnisphere when I upgraded to 2.5

  5. Yo dude I don’t fuck with this keyboard warrior shit but low key until you can refer to levels and decibels in actual amounts, don’t make a tutorial video. A “little bit” isn’t a unit of fucking measurement, and half-assing a tutorial when you don’t even have the right vocabulary is really some fucked shit to do to the kids that think you’re actually teaching them something.

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