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Streaky talks about the importance of mains distribution and his Starpoint earthing buss bar setup.


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  1. Isolation transformer will clean up your sound more than anything. I live near the beach in Florida and the power is dirty. I also use an unbalanced console that had hella hum. I used an iso transformer and no more hum. The key is to get a big enough transformer to run your entire audio system from it. Be careful though, some iso transformers are connected to the same ground, so watch out for that if you're trying to run a tesla coil or some shit. Haha!

  2. Hey Streaky ! Imagine how much better sound you would get if you had your high quality mains connected directly to the substation .All your house wiring should be high quality cable.Just imagine the difference!

  3. Great vid. The ground and RF issues I have were so bad I recently decided to move. Haha. I too use heavy duty power cables from evidence audio. I never would have believed it unless I ABd it myself. IMO quality cables and connectors have as much impact as a good preamp.

  4. Have to disagree on this one.
    As long as the electricity coming in without problems the sonical differences isnt there.
    Never bad to have good connectors anyway and good cables but dont spend a fortune.
    A UPS/backup and a protector is good to have.
    Remember that most of audio equipment already have some kind of protection to voltage differences

  5. No doubt about it…treating and dealing with mains power is very important… when I A/B the difference betwean conditioned mains and no conditioning with a sceptical mind they then leave with there minds and ears nicely conditioned and they quickly tell me my efforts and money spent to do this is a no brainer 😎

  6. When you say the sound was different with a high quality AC cable, I want to know why you think that is. The actual reason for the improved sound. Otherwise you sound a bit like a hifi speaker cable sales person.

  7. I work from a purposely built room at the bottom of my garden.

    It's powered by a 6mm armered cable ran off it's own Breaker in the main fuse box.

    the sparky who wired me all up recommend that I upgraded my earth wire into my mains from the source (on the street)

    I'm glad u done this video cuz no one would believe me when I said .. I noticed a slight difference in sound … it's more rich and smooth…. hard to explaine. I also have short cables separated from my power leads . Especially from my monitor leads hahaha

    Anyways … great video streaky

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