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Mixing and Mastering the LOW END of a track!

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41 thoughts on “Mixing and Mastering the LOW END of a track!

  1. i didn't watch the whole video yet. i'm just at the point where we compare his and your mix, and i gotta say even though your mix sounds more professional, wide and clear, his mix has a certain kind of underground vibe. i admit that it makes the mix sound a bit 2dimensional but it just has so much flavour. and i think it has something to do with the density of the highend in his mix. that's pretty cool.

  2. Calm TF down.. why everybody in gotta be over the top "hyped up" Jesus.. YouTube is kinda a big "Act" .. but I get it. You have to keep "basic" ppl interested with all the "Extra" shit. Like the long ass intro and then the be logo intro and then another intro before we even begin talking about what we click on the video for lol

  3. Once again, you nailed it. Great tutorial, glad I subscribed, I really love the way you approach things, not like, this is the way to do it, but rather, this is how I start, from there on, it’s a gradual slope, and I end up learning a lot by myself, trials and errors, and my mixes sound way better by doing this. Thanks

  4. Hello mate I have a question I had to make a change on a mastered track..If I use fruity loops to fix to a part that was loud at the beginning ..and I will render it at fpl daw as wave 16 bit ….the new rendered file will it sound as good as the original ? Please let me know thanks so much!!!

  5. Im still in the process of tuning my room :/ lol its crucial for me to have accurate bass in my room cause of the genre I am starting to produce. 250 sq ft of rockwool in corners and reflections on all walls isnt enough. Im building carbon activated diagfragmatic absorbers and qrd 11 diffusors for the rear wall. That and a few 703 panels for the cloud, should be good to go! then I test the room to note the balanced bass response and THEN I know my bass and kick is right.

  6. You get better results for this style if you use the Lin Multiband from waves .Start with presets elektromastering .that give you a perfect blend of low bands .The Fab multi is more analytic..

  7. Hi Dude, I must have watched 25 of your vids now, and I must say I have learnt a lot. It has put me in touch with a weakness in my own mixing and mastering, which is I always want things to be too radical. At the end of this video we hear a track that is very nicely balanced – its sounds professional – you can hear everything, and there are no nasties anywhere. In fact, it is a pleasure to the ears. But I just know I would not have got there because I always want the groove to predominate, everything else takes a back seat. I wind up with "dance mixes" even when I don't want them. You, by contrast, mixed a nice, grooving low end and then were happy to let it find its right place in the overall mix. I am a good deal older than you, but less mature in my approach.

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