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Mixing and Mastering Basics in FL Studio 12 using FL Studio programs ONLY

Jump times: Mixed and Mastered 10:19
Nothing Done to it: 11:25

This is how I do things, and I do work on a professional level (meaning I make actual $$$). If this is “wrong” according to your college/highschool audio teacher I don’t really care. There’s no wrong way to mix or master audio, as long as it sounds good then why does it matter how it’s done?

A new and updated version of my VERY old and definitely outdated tutorial for mixing and mastering.


33 thoughts on “Mixing and Mastering Basics in FL Studio 12 using FL Studio programs ONLY

  1. I hope in the next days if you have an Arabian Translator to let him work with you in this VID's and translate it.. Because i think this is the most clear vid i found on youtube.. Step by Step and not so hurry.. SO THANKS but i hope you will work with my request.

  2. Awesome video but In the vid i noticed you showed that u had Maximus enabled before the mastering phase. It can lead to sounds and tones being out of place. I shud suggest to not add the maximus on the master until your eq, compression and frequency slotting is done or saving that for the mastering phase. When starting a session make sure to check the master..FL Studio loves to put a Limiter on that fader and it really flattens overall master as well so i make sure to remove all that before starting my sessions.

  3. Did you know that the FL Studio Soundgoodizer IS Maximus? The A-B-C-D presets are also listed under the Maximum presets. It uses the Maximus engine with a simple UI. It's also not a bad place to start when prototyping; however, of course, if you have Maximus, you can just use that and pick A-D as well. 🙂 That said, I usually already do what you did and just pick a clear master to start with so I can tune it more precisely.

  4. It's funny, the ad I get before watching this is a guy telling me how crappy learning this stuff on the internet is but that I should totally buy his ONLINE mastering class… And he can't even turn his phone to landscape mode when recording. Thanks for this video man. 🙂

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