How to Master a Track in FL STUDIO | Mastering Tutorial

Hey Guys. Welcome back to my new video. In this video I have shown you how to Master a song in Fl Studio. It covers all the steps to master any track. I have shown all the procedures and rules to follow before starting the main master process. From this video you will be able to judge a song and be able to fix it.

Mastering is a very creative process. There are no golden numbers for mastering. I have tried my best to explain you what to do in each case. Mastering can also be said as to increase the volume of a track commercially. It is a very important and the final step in audio production before you release your track for the whole world to listen. Always use a very good headphone or studio monitors to master a song.

I am not professional Mastering Engineer, but for the context of this video I have shared with you what I generally do to Master a Song.

You might notice that there was no headroom when I imported the mix. Generally before exporting the mix the volume of the Master Fader is lowered to upto -4 to -5 dB to create headroom. But it can also be done afterwards with Fruity Balance.

Plugins I used in the video:
1. iZotope Ozone 5 Advance
2. Fabfilter Pro Q2
3. FabFilter Pro L
4. PSP Vintage warmer 2

You can also use OTT if you want

Also Mastering ain’t going to change the song completely. It does not do any magic. Your mix should sound perfect before you Master because then only you will be happy with your finished product.

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