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Wes Audio _HYPERION Stereo Mid Side Equalizer Mix & Mastering Demo Review

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13 thoughts on “Wes Audio _HYPERION Stereo Mid Side Equalizer Mix & Mastering Demo Review

  1. Hey David, I have my Tegeler VTC the Tegeler EQP1 (found no real reviews anywhere of this one btw), and considering switching to Hyperion for premastering, way more versatile but seems it's not dented right? Seems I had enough tubes already with the VTC, so yeah either Hyperion either Crème, considering Im doing electronic cold wave that doesn't need much compression on the Masterbus. What do you think? Wise choice? Thanks

  2. Wow I'm thinking that the Hyperion's got to be about the worlds most comprehensive EQ.. I know Neve has an 8803eq that is 1u and has software presets that toggle, but there's some really next level features here between the hardware and software.. wow nice going Wes Audio, and cool Review!

    I think the future of hardware should always include USB link to software.. so awesome!

  3. Thank you for the review, I'm considering buying the hyperion.
    If you had to choose btw the wesaudio dione, the bettermaker C502V and tegeler creme, what would you choose for mixbuss?

  4. i want to purchase an anolog eq and comp. i consider the hyperion but i´m not sure about the clean sound in comparison to Xfilter and some qualitiy software eqs like Acoustica Audio Ivory3 or Fabfilter Pro-Q2. Would love to see a short level matched comparison from you as you own these tools to see if these really bring some (clean) analog meat which plugins can´t deliver, especially when boosting the mids. love your channel!

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