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Using Multiband Compression on the Master Fader

Learn how to energize your mixes using subtle multiband compression on the master fader with the C4 Multiband Compressor. Learn more: https://www.waves.com/c4 The Recording Revolution: https://recordingrevolution.com


48 thoughts on “Using Multiband Compression on the Master Fader

  1. Appreciate your honesty re the messups you had and still may have. Some people act perfect they are dangerous teachers. When I teach, I let students know the truth and most respect me for that. I'll sub and keep in touch with your work. Keep rocking.

  2. Can I use it in the second to last insert and the L2 on the last? I have been doing that since the first time I saw this video. Or is it better to use it on the last insert, do a bounce, and open up a completely different session for mastering? I mix 7 days a week when I'm writing my stuff so any help would be appreciated. I can tell you that what I have been doing gets much better results than online mastering but all I need is just a little bit more lol.

  3. I think that the difference might be less noticeable than it would be normally. YouTube compression might blur the dynamics of the comparison, of the whole audio of this video. I tried multiband compression on stereo bus and the change in dynamics seemed bigger than here for me.

  4. If you don´t hear the difference you are either
    A) Not listening on great industry standard monitors (like the Yamaha HS 8)
    B) Having severe hearing loss.
    C) Just not made for this plain and simple.
    Listened to thousands of songs from different engineers, and you can hear the differences in quality and
    overall frequency distribution (e.g. great master compression vs messed up master compression, killing low end).
    Not everyone is good enough to become a platinum engineer or even a good /above average engineer.
    Same with anything in life :/

  5. I'd love to try these tips but I can't get REAPER to see my Waves plug-ins, despite following the instructions from Waves' own article for getting REAPER to see Waves plug-ins.

  6. i can't stand people who look and act like this. i feel like at some point he's going to show us his ferrari "not to brag, but to motivate". also, turbo faggy track. NEXT.

  7. I don't understand why so many people say they don't hear any diffrence. I mean sure the diffrence isn't that big but it's quite easy to hear and it actually sounds really good. I guess it's a matter of knowing what you are listening for.

    For exemple I know that my brother doesn't hear the diffrence between poor and great audio quality just because he is not into music that much so that's an extreme exemple but that's kinda of the same thing I guess.

    At the end of the day you decide if you want the plugin or not, so if you don't hear any diffrence I would probably suggest you to not get it haha but I personally think it's great 😀

  8. Maybe the reason why a lot of people (including me) don't listen any difference is because the youtube audio quality is 128kbps, so don't spect to listen every single detail of mastering in that quality of sound

  9. Everyone talking about not hearing subtle differences. Welcome to the world of music production. A thousand subtle differences that becomes the difference between a radio hit and a garage band song.

  10. I can hear the tonal difference on my Huawei P9 speakers so I don't understand why others can not. Two things I can point out is more energy in the drums especially snares/hihats and the vocal sits better in the mix. When Graham bypasses I can really hear the vocals loose the center spotlight. Try listen for it.

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