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Test – Mastering With Softube Weiss DS1 MK3 Plug-in

The Weiss DS1 hardware is considered to be an absolute gold-standard in the mastering world because of its transparency, versatility, and top draw sound quality. It took several years for Softube to develop a “like for like” plug-in version of the DS1 hardware. This is not an emulation, it is, in fact, an exact line for line code port from the original digital hardware.

At first glance, Softube’s DS1 appears to not be the cheapest plug-in in the world but if you were to buy the original DS1 hardware you would be in for a £10,000 investment. If you have ever had your eye on the original hardware but could afford the price tag then this plug-in clone of the DS1 hardware does represent fairly good value for money

So what is the DS1? It’s a de-esser, compressor and limiter unit that produces very transparent results, but it doesn’t do all three processes at once. Users can either use this as a de-esser and limiter, or compressor and limiter.

Watch the video to hear us test Softube’s Weiss DS1-MK3 limiter performance and de-essing capabilities on a full band mix that’s ready for mastering but has some sibilance issues that need attention.

Visit the Softube website for more information about Weiss DS1-MK3 plug-in.


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13 thoughts on “Test – Mastering With Softube Weiss DS1 MK3 Plug-in

  1. I am sorry but. this Video shows nothing of the Real Capabilities of the plug.
    I Master 4-5 days a week. You really Can not expect. The listeners to HEAR.
    The very subtle things you showed(Youtube is not set up for sound nuance.).
    Please Redo an In depth look Video. Something everyone can Hear the difference in the Before and After.
    Even though it is on Sale. I am still on the Fence on this plug. It is still a lot of money.
    For Me. Can it replace my Analog Gear?

  2. It's a great tool but it makes you think: "Do I buy this or a used car?" 😀 SCNR CPU isn't that bad but it uses long lookahead, not really usable while tracking except in DAWs with good Plugin Delay Compensation.

  3. It might be a CPU hog to enable 3 processing at the same time, otherwise that'd be an easy function to be included. And it's weird to test a desser with a non vocal piece of music and talking about transparency with a constant GR of 4-5dB. Too hyped marketing clip.

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