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LA2A Hardware Vs Plugin

Here we test the real Teletronix (Universal Audio) LA-2A against the Software version by Waves, the CLA-2A. Which one do you think sounds best? Download the full quality 24bit 44.1k .wav audio file on: http://www.doctormix.com/blog/la2a-hardware-vs-plugin

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Equipment used:
– Prism Sound Titan audio interface: http://www.prismsound.com/audio_recording/products_subs/titan/titan_home.php
– Original Teletronix LA-2A compressor: http://www.doctormix.com/blog/teletronix-la2a
– Waves CLA-2A plugin compressor: http://www.waves.com/plugins/cla-2a-compressor-limiter
– Steinberg Cubase: http://www.steinberg.net

00:00 Introduction
00:12 Overview
00:32 Vocal test
01:36 Outro


41 thoughts on “LA2A Hardware Vs Plugin

  1. Could you please test all LA plugins and hardware with sin wave and analyze it in a frequency analizer to define nearest plugin? It can be a good video

  2. I really think this test a might short on length. Was close, but the hardware seemed a touch better. Could be that old YouTube thing or maybe a setting inequality. It could be many things. What you choose to trust or not is up to you! I like the real world gear, but it is way pricey and out of reach for just regular joes! It is still a choice each one must make themselves! Not my call!😊👍🏻

  3. The hardware sounds much better in this example! The only thing I can think of though is the plugin has a knob to control the frequency response the CLA-2A will respond too, if I wonder if the original hardware is set to "Flat" or if the hardware even has that option? When I mixed a session recently of guitars, having the knob all the way to the left only responded to low end frequencies, and having it flat effected the whole thing.. so just curious!

  4. Would be interesting after this to try and make the software sound the same as the hardware by way of adding EQ after etc. to check if that's even possible and make them sound the same, if it is, it would be too good. But it's very sad to hear the difference, just like you can tell between one of those picture vs drawing (photorealistic) examples. You lose all that realness. Anyway vst sounds muffled like it killed the room, added a low pass filter and a denoiser. And yes you can hear all that on a YouTube video even with its audio quality.

  5. hardware = more money
    software = less money
    im the person who too economical use money
    i love plugin, and spend less time using plugin
    and i love your good video, useful
    have good day and good success

  6. Researching analog studio gear of different sorts for a few weeks now and it's more and more apparent that I finally have to conclude that analog gear sounds awesome. Kind of frustrating because it is so much more expensive than software emulations. 😀

  7. I always have a hard time explaining sound when it's not somethign obvious, but in this case it just sounds like a touch of class. Slightly rounder tone and it just sounds better especially when driven harder on the high notes.

  8. I can only listen differences in performance , I tried to blind test but I think it was a matter of performance, however the quality compression is too much here, soulds like an 112kbit mp3

  9. Even when I closed my eyes and compared those, I could completely distinguish. If you can't find out what the difference is, you should listen to them with good monitoring headphones or speakers. You will be aware of it right away 🙂

  10. Arguing that the hardware is better than the software is a nonsense, if the emulation sounds better than the real thing than it would become the real thing lol, it is like saying "water is wet", makes no sense.

  11. Very bad material for comparison.. it jumps all the way from fat sound to thin which misleads people thinking it's the result of "magik" of analog device.. I cant hear any major diff at all

  12. I like the hardware more but the way recording technology goes, who knows. Maybe in 50 years we'll be listening through vibrational holo crystals or some shit and they'll be scrambling trying to get that "oldschool plugin sound and smooth Youtube compression from the classic 2010's era".

  13. The hardware is ever so the tiny tiny tiniest bit brighter. Guess what? Get two hardware units together and that can happen as well. They are way too close. Everyone always say the hardware wins but when someone like Protools expert puts up a listening poll it is always close to 5050. This means no one can hear! Placebo effect!

  14. The hardware sounds more glued together, up-front and has a more pronounced low-end. The software sounds clean, controlled, not as glued together and seems to lack the low-end in comparison. I don't think the waves compressor sounds bad, it can very well work in a mix, though I prefer the Native Instruments emulation of the LA-2A. Thanks for putting together this test!

  15. They sounded the same…was this the UA plug in??? I can't read today..my eyes are completely blurred from working all night on a computer screen. They really DID sound almost identical to me.

  16. The UAD vs would've been an interesting comparison. I own it with the Waves and the latter doesn't stack up but as well as you matched the levels sound wise, I know the UAD would've been very close if thrown in the shootout.

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