GearGier #3 The Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

Ep.3 is about the Bettermaker Mastering Limiter. Other Gear shown: elysia alpha compressor, elysia museq, neve medici, dolby 740, SPL PQ, SPL Passeq. Please read info: I Did it! (again :-)) The Idea for GearGier (The greed for Gear) spooked arround my head for years. Basically everyone of us who is into audio making, processing or listening loves (sometimes hates) “the gear”! I just want to make Videos about Gear i love and which was sometimes hunted down by me all over the Globe. I am surely a Professional in my Job but i´m everything but a professional in Videoproduction allthough i think that i made some progress. I am still learning. Feel free to use the comment section below and have a good Time! NOTE: For juristical security reasons this is marked as advertisement.


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