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Mastering Songs with Garageband 10 – Do You Need To Export First?

In this video I FINALLY answer this question!
Want me to mix your song?


20 thoughts on “Mastering Songs with Garageband 10 – Do You Need To Export First?

  1. Thanks for going deeper into that matter! But isn't the upper volume meter on the top just the pure listening volume but not the actual exporting volume? When I test this only the individual channel volume meters matter. Changing the upper volume level or even the master channel volume level didn't effect the exported volume at all (they only have to be set on a certain minimum volume level to produce a wave curve when exporting). So did you maybe mean only the channel meters mustn't go into the red?
    And when exporting to AIF / WAV should I do it in 16-bit or 24-bit?

  2. I actually have a akg p120 condenser and a scarlet interface for some reason the interface I put the volume up kn microphone and it doesnt let me use the recording level option on the program idk why and it sou ds low. All of a sudden tho because st first it wasn't so low sounding. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  3. Haha! Whenever I have a really random question (like “export or within project mastering GarageBand.”…) it’s always you my friend!!! Saving the day!! Thanks so much for making these videos. I’m heading over to Patreon now! 🙏

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