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Loud Mastering and Streaming Services

This video is all about Loudness in Mastering, LUFS Metering, and Streaming Platform’s loudness standards. There are many videos that address this topic, but this video also demonstrates how some artists are still mastering above the Streaming Standards even though these standards have been around for quite some time now.

Check out this article on Loudness and Streaming.

They also have an excellent video explaining LUFS and Streaming Loudness standards.

If you are interested in hiring me for recording, mixing and/or mastering; please follow the link.


6 thoughts on “Loud Mastering and Streaming Services

  1. Great Video. Just a quick question. Spotify for example plays audio with -14 Lufs and -1 dbtp. If I master my audio with -14 Lufs and -2 dbtp (I found out it's necessary most of the time to not clip via low quality formats), does this mean, that Spotify makes my audio 1 db louder to reach the -1 dbtp and so it also raises the loudness to -13 Lufs?

  2. Nice video. I learned that I should have at least 2 individual masters; for streaming and for Bandcamp. I'm gona master them at -13lufs for streaming and -9lufs for bandcamp, should that be short-term reading of the loudest part of the song or a long-term reading of the whole thing?

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