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What to do when you can’t afford a mastering engineer.

Have a mastering contest! Mastering yourself is hard, because there’s always that nagging feeling that you didn’t quite get it right. When you hold a mastering contest, you have a chance to check your sanity by comparing your work to other masters of the same song. Ask a few mastering engineers for a free mastering sample.

Worst case scenario, they all sound worse than your master, which is actually a win! Now you know you did a great job!

Best case scenario, you hear a master that blows your mind and elevates your audio.

Having a mastering contest is all about taking advantage of the fact that many mastering engineers offer a free mastering sample of their work. It’s awesome. It’s free. There’s no downside.


2 thoughts on “What to do when you can’t afford a mastering engineer.

  1. Hey Chris, I’m loving the videos! I appreciate all the info you’re putting out. If I could make a tiny suggestion it would be changing your video category from Film & Animation to Music or Audio of some sort. Hopefully you’ll be able to reach more people within our industry. I think plenty of people can benefit from watching your videos!

  2. I'll say I'm not a fan of the contest thing in that it suggests that the client isn't choosing me because "me" but as a number. I don't have a problem with being compared as we are all compared to others all the time. Human nature. But I am not convinced I'd be happy if I get an email saying "I want you to spend time on me when I am also sleeping with 3 other guys". Time is precious, so is passion. Should we be wasting that of others?

    But I do wish you all the luck in getting people through your door. I don't think a freebie would do that for me. These videos might tho 😉

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