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Tutorial – IZotope Ozone Mastering Secret – How to get your track as loud as the PROs

Tutorial – Ozone Mastering Secret – How to get your track as loud as the PROs
with Ableton 9 and Izotope Ozone

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20 thoughts on “Tutorial – IZotope Ozone Mastering Secret – How to get your track as loud as the PROs

  1. I'm by no means a pro but it's easy to get even a bad mixed track loud. where you high- and lowpass depends on your track. If my lowest fundamental is at 50 Hz then I'd probably cut around 40-42 Hz. If it's lower the I cut lower. For the highs I cut from 18 khz to 22 khz. And to get shit loud, if you want it to… I would start with a clip limiter to smooth out any dynamics then add a 1 slow limiter that does some work, then a 2nd faster limiter that gives it the last 0.5 to 1 db of loudness. But don't overdo shit. It's easy to get your track to -1 RMS and -3 LUFS, but it sounds like shit.

  2. It's not that bad, people complains like they're professional engineers and the shit is not that bad, the 16k cut is not bad, bear in mind that it is EDM, lots of bassy frequencies with very little power in the highs, this shit is meant to sound in clubs, clubs use mono speakers commonly and mostly they sound VERY shitty but loud! So quality will be lost anyway. The mix sounded good, it didn't have much dynamics so compressing it wasn't much difference.
    But I felt that the guy kinda copied and pasted and that's what I didn't like, he couldn't explain deeply what he did. Also, you can't have that mix LOUD like commercial masters mainly because it has a lot of peaks out of the crest factor, too much limiting will cause severe damage there

  3. Nie słuchaj baranów! Dzięki za pomoc – co do dynamiki… w tego typu muzyce jest to działanie uzasadnione. Zawężanie pasma do 16 khz jak najbardziej ma sens. Wystarczy użyć analizatora i przejrzeć zawodowe nagrania…. Jeszcze raz dzięki EDM. Tak na marginesie – dlaczego obrażacie co niektórzy człowieka. Nie podoba Wam się jego nagranie, to spieprzajcie.

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