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Simple MASTERING in CUBASE 9 – mixdown.online


Here are some good articles from Ian Sheppard:

Spotify just reduced its loudness playback level !

The Foo Fighters just proved me right about loudness – and dynamics


VU Meter I use:

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45 thoughts on “Simple MASTERING in CUBASE 9 – mixdown.online

  1. Hi Chris,
    I'm a big fan of yours. I blindly follow your suggestions.
    I got much lower loudness after exporting my song. Even I thing the plugin effects from the master channel (Stereo out) of my project didn't come with export. I have boosted the maximizer several times but i got still the same loudness level after exporting. I badly need your suggestions.

  2. Great lesson and video pal. I’ve never got to this stage before all I have ever done is put some presets on my master strip on the mix console then done a audio mixdown. I then thought that the wav file I’m left with is the finished product. Am I correct in saying that it’s better practice to do the audio down and then reintroduce that file into cubase for mastering?

    As you can see I’m confused as to which part is mastering. Thank you to any body who can help me understand this process as I’m a bit dim when it comes to producing, it’s a steep learning curve.

  3. First time watching this vid, but happy that you've mentioned Ian Shepherd, becuse I came across Ian via PLAP and have since subscribed to Ian's channel and to his podcasts. When the budget allows, I'll also probably grab one of his courses, but there's lots of free info available. Apart from the benefit of being able to start home-mastering better, a lot of what I've looked into so far, also feeds back nicely into mix engineering and gets you thinking about loudness levels from the outset; looking after your dynamic range, staturation, transient shaping and crest factor. While I agree, it's good to take your work to a pro mastering engineer; the cost is too great at the moment. There is only me, so it's good to know you can feel comfortable in this area – mastering was for many, the dark arts, but it's processes we use already. Granted, I haven't got the experience & ears of Ian or Bob Ludwig (for we are not worthy…) we can grow 🙂 Thanks for your vid, Chris

  4. Srry , I think It s not the good way… all in mastering is about medium and RMS energy. High end eq, especially, with computer eq give a plastic sound.
    Try to have a beautiful sound with your medium and rms around -10 and you get the mix… anyway, cool video for the rest … peace Laurent….

  5. I just noticed my song was set in 16bit. Thought it would be 24 or 32bit when I moved up to 9.5. I have to stick with 44k tho',-as it plays too slow in 48. Your vids are really helping me,-so thanks.

  6. Great Video again !

    But I´m confused of LUFS Output,
    I saw in your Video Chris that you have -10 LUFS, isn´t that very HOT ? High Volume ?
    Cubase talking about -24 LUFS output which seems to me far too low Volume !
    I guess LUFS is the same as -18 dB, It.s just Another scale or ?

    Thanks again for Great Vidos !

  7. Interesting tip about VUMT. I will try that. I still balance my songs for an album by ear, so they have a similar loudness that is. Maybe VUMT can help me out, better that my other meters.

  8. Hey Chris, we have the loudness meter in control room, would be nice if you made a comparison with the Klangheim -10Db meter so maybe we can use the built in loudness meter reliably? All those LU, True Peak etc… is kind of confusing I guess for many of us. Thanks for all your effort !

  9. Loving the video's about cubase, i'm getting my cubase pro 9 tomorrow can't wait 😀 Still haven't found my perfect Daw yet fingers cross itll be cubase as spent £400 -_-

  10. yooo thanks for the tips brother, and trying to study mixing and mastering but here in the (DR) dominican republic we dont have school that teaches production so i got to learn the hard way. lol

  11. Hello Chris: thank you for your video. I read in many places the reasons to send your mix to another person for mastering, or alternative to wait a couple of days or weeks to master the mix if this will be made by myself, but could you please explain your own reasons to say that? Thank you again!

  12. thanks….great video as usual Chris!…a question: if I heard it right you master on 48 Hz and not on 44.1 ?…. does not give that a problem in a later stage for e.g. the cd production?

  13. If you master for video should you roughly leave 1.5db of headspace? And when leaving head space do you use the brickwall output and leave the stereo out / master fader at 0 or would you use the fader? I understand the best way would be to have the final faders at unity and do compensations in the Maximizer out section.

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