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Basic Mixing & Mastering in Mixcraft (tutorial)

A tutorial covering basic mixing and mastering for the home audioian using Mixcraft. These tips will make your audio sound better! Please note that I don’t cover all elements of proper mastering here (no EQ & other tricks), as this video was made to help my students be able to export their songs with the levels under control.

Here are the software links referenced in the video:
GGain: http://www.gvst.co.uk/ggain.htm
Audacity: http://audacityteam.org/
Broadcast manual: http://www.acoustica.com/images/forum-images/manual_broadcast1.pdf


40 thoughts on “Basic Mixing & Mastering in Mixcraft (tutorial)

  1. I'd love to see one of you Mixcraft masters create a video on how to route outputs in various inserted vet's loaded within mixcraft. I can only get omni sampler to work but it has only 8 routes and no layering capabilities. Do all the tracks need to be armed including the master?Thanks for your video Christian

  2. Hi Christian, first, thank you for a great tutorial on Mixing & Mastering with Mixcraft!! I have a Windows 10 Desktop where I work with my Mixcraft Pro Studio 7. I noticed that the GGain Interface doesn't look the same as yours. I haven't tried it yet but what I saw (the interface), didn't have the Peak view. It just have the bottom 0.0 dB meter. I'm sure I downloaded the correct GGain. Please advise. Thanks! Manny

  3. Like the vid. Could be improved by the old adage: "Tell them what you gonna tell them, tell them, tell them again, and tell them what you've told them." Early on it all seems to be about downloading stuff as opposed to the point of the whole exercise. Enjoyed it though and appreciated.

  4. when I download the file, it comes as a "compressed zip file" and only has one programme in it, which is a DLL file. when i open the programme Mixcraft opens and says "failed to load the sound"

  5. When saving a film score in flac only the audio is processed as a single track. Does the mastered track then replace the original mixcraft tracks? Is there any alignment issue or trick with the film or video track? Have mastered several audio files from your instructions. Thank you!

  6. Tips for people trying to set the compression but can't get the exact 2.0 or 3.0 HOLD SHIFT while dragging the levels. It then allows you to move it per tenth of a decimal as opposed to every 3 or 4 tenths. BTW THIS IS AN AWESOME DOPE TUTORIAL!

  7. Terrific tutorial!! Well done. I heard so many pros stating how important mix and mastering is but you've compressed the skill into this great feature. Thanks!

  8. A super “Hi 5” 🖐 for posting this video!!! I’m 64 & have owned Mixcraft since ver 2.
    I have tons of old analog tape recordings of my ELP, Yes, Genesis type bands that need conversion and some serious mastering. It’s amazing how much the tools in Mixcraft have helped.
    I too have run into the pre-measure need, but I didn’t know about the audacity tricks. THANK YOU!

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