Vinyl Musik Mastering Studio In Berlin

Vinyl Mastering

Das Vinyl Mastering existiert immer noch. Es ist sogar eine gewisse Renaissance aufgekommen, die vor allem den Nostalgikern unter den Klangliebhabern geschuldet ist. Die „Schallplatte“ ist wieder beliebt und mit ihr hat sich auch die Nachfrage nach Masteringstudios erhöht, die ein Vinyl Mastering umsetzen können.

Für die Platte sind Dynamik und ein sauberer Klang gefragt. Gerade die Obertöne werden hier mit Vorsicht behandelt – die sogenannten S-Laute können schnell durch ein zu scharfes Mastering zum Problem werden und einen schrillen Sound erzeugen.

Allgemein wird versucht dem Track Raum zum Atmen zu geben, damit moderne Klangqualität und das Gefühl von Nostalgie miteinander verbunden werden können.

Diese Seite informiert über Musik-Mastering Studios in Berlin. Vinyl, CD, Itunes und Spotify mastering services in der Deutschen Hauptstadt.

Mastering für Audio in Surround 5.1 7.1 und viele andere Formate.

For mastering the following rules apply:

Be careful of phase issues in the low end area. The best way is to avoid the use of stereo basis broadening effects.
Occurring phase distortion can be detected by a mono compatibility test.

Pay attention that there are no digital distortions.

Frequencies above 15kHz can be attenuated.

Using de-essers in an unobtrusive manner is highly recommended with ‘fizzled’ vocals.
Avoid frequencies below 20Hz, because here’s the resonance spot of the most tonearms.

3. Audio Restoration

At some point we have all heard a bad audio recording file somewhere in Berlin. The constant crackle, and background noise that sounds like the crinkling of paper is the plague of every videographer. Sometimes, it’s the constant sound of wind gushing past a microphone that makes the speaker virtually unintelligible. Whatever the circumstances, there comes a time when an audio file needs to be restored.

Here is a list of some common sounds that are removed during an Audio Restoration:

  • Hiss
  • Impulse Noise
  • Crackle
  • Wow
  • Flutter
  • Humming

The process of removing these imperfections is call audio restoration. Typically, audio restoration takes place digitally on a computer. However, it can also take place directly on a record. Popular audio restoration softwares like Audacity have been around for decades now. Every year the technology used in restoring audio files get more and more sophisticated. By using algorithms that can predict the difference between human voices, different instruments, and unwanted background noise, a sound engineer is able to carefully select which parts of an audio recording need to be deleted, and which parts enhanced.

Audio Restoration is a time consuming process that takes a skilled audio engineer from Berlin to complete. Automated audio restoration systems do exist. However, most often it takes a skilled audio engineer to efficiently finish a task.

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