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Studer ReVox Tape Recorder History and Demonstration by Phantom Productions, Inc.

This is a 3 minute preview of our 12 minute profile of Studer reVox reel to reel tape recorders. We provide an overview of Willie Studer’s company and demonstrate several of the reel tape recorders in our collection. The full version is available both as part of the 3 DVD 7 hour set, downloadable videos from the internet, or bought as an individual video at

Many folks may not know that Willie Studer began his tape recorder experience when he was contracted to refit 500 Brush magnetic tape recorders for the European market. He believed that he could build a better tape recorder and began with his Dynavox T-26 tape recorder. We have one of the T-26 units in our collection. His company went on to build some of the best professional reel tape recorders. His ReVox A-77 tape recorder sold over 400,000 units. Our collection included several Studer and ReVox tape recorders which are demonstrated in the full version of our 7 hour downloadable files, or on the 3 DVD set.

The Studer ReVox video is just one of 48 videos available to download, or on our 3DVD set. The 7 hour video provides an overview of the development of sound recording from its earliest days through cylinder recording, vinyl records, optical recording, wire recording and magnetic recording. We then provide a segment on how the tape recorder works. We then profile the 150 reel to reel tape recorders in our collection by providing the histories of 40 + companies who built these recorders from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. Company histories include Ampex (we have Capitol Records Ampex 200A recorder in our collection); Akai, Crown International, Dokorder, Magnecord (with photos from the 1950’s factory), Sony (with clips of their factory and evolution), Studer (detail about Willie Studer rebuilding 500 American recorders and decision to build a better recorder while founding Studer / ReVox), Teac/Tascam (including the Teac 80-8 recorder with a live recording of Willie Nelson – this was also the recorder that was used to create the Stars Wars R2D2 and 3CPO sound effects) and many more.

Please go to and view our trailer.

Recorders, mixers and microphones on the 3 DVD set include units by: Akai, Altec, American Microphone, Amplicorp Magnemite, Ampex, Astatic, Bell, Bell and Howell, Berlant Concertone, Bogen, Brenell, Brush Sound Mirror, Concertone, Concord, Crown, Dokorder, Edison, Eico, Electro Voice, Fostex, Garrard, HeathKit, Magnecord, Marantz, Martel by Uher, Nagra, Otari, Pentron, Phillips, Pioneer, RCA, Reslo, ReVox, Rheem, Roberts, Scully, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Sparta, Spectone, Studer, Tandberg, Tascam, Teac, Technics, Telefunken, Toshiba, Turner, Viking, Webcor, Webster Chicago, Wilcox-Gay & Wollensak.


4 thoughts on “Studer ReVox Tape Recorder History and Demonstration by Phantom Productions, Inc.

  1. I recall Studer Revox machines being using into the 1980s for mastering pop music. Sure is nice that YouTube has presentations like this. I miss seeing these machines, the Berland and Magnecords here on YouTube. But I sure don't miss servicing Maggies. 🙂 They required a lot of maintenance.

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