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Revox A77: How to create a reel-to-reel tape loop

This video will show you once again how to create a tape-loop. Somebody asked me in a coment on my last video to do a tape-loop on a ReVox A77. Here is the demonstration: it works (-; (more or less good). If I had more time you wouldnt here the cut for sure!

The track I used for the loop was “Owner of a lonely heart” by “Yes” from 1983.

You can buy the splicing block at bulthard.de:


36 thoughts on “Revox A77: How to create a reel-to-reel tape loop

  1. That was a great video, by the way. The tape got crinkled is probably the most precise word, and wrinkled would be a close second, in a couple spots. The A77 isn't the most friendly machine to play back a tape loop, but you did a great job.

  2. I love this! I have an A77 too, and other than listening to classical music on it (coz that just seems so right!), I'm looking for ideas on how to use it in my digital music creation

  3. You could have made this video in about 3 minutes if you had cut out all the BS, and
    showing us your Struder,  Some think it was "excellent', I thought it was BORING!  Paul

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