Pink Floyd – Money (master tape)

UPDATE 16th of February 2018: Please don’t ask for direct uploads, or even analog copies of this tape. I’m not going to fulfill it. If you really want a great sounding version, buy the MFSL Ultradisc, or the HDtracks digital download.

Here’s the sequel to the teaser video I made about the copy of the Dark Side of the Moon master tape, which most likely originates from Jugoton. Of course, this tape is not directly the master tape, but rather a copy of a copy sent out to a vinyl pressing plant. This recording has never seen digital equipment prior to digitizing it, in order to be able to upload it here. The sound quality is still better, than anything I heard.
Also, you might recognize the Otari MX55 in this video. I used to own this exact machine, but then I sold it. Now I bought it back, it has been recalibrated using Audio Precision gear, and when the guy who did the calibration showed me the results, I was blown away. It can do 20 Hz to 25 kHz (-2dB) at 0dB (320nWb/m) at 15 ips (38,1cm/s), with a phase error of +/-5 degrees at 10kHz.


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