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Editing Ambisonic 360 Degree Audio in Pro Tools 12 HD – (Part 2)

In this third video of the four part series, I explain the following:
-Navigating Gaudio Works 360 plugins
-Exporting audio out of pro tools in ambisonic format

360 Video of an Orchestra –

360 Video of Contemporary Choral Group –


3 thoughts on “Editing Ambisonic 360 Degree Audio in Pro Tools 12 HD – (Part 2)

  1. Hi Matthew, thank for the video, could you please help me with this:

    I have 4-channel mono A-format and I need to render to B-format wave file, I have downloaded "AMBEO A-B format converter" from Sennheiser but couldn't find the "render" button as shown in your video. Could you suggest some solutions?

  2. Matt, thank you so much for this tutorial. Really helpful to start undersdanding the concept and techniques to achieve a VR audio. My question is the following. If nothing is recorded to a video. Lets say I have to do a foley, and ambience tracks. Its for an animation. How could you do it? I mean. Create a 4 channel audio? Try to replicate each channel as FL FR RL RR? Im confused to the point where I have to design the ALL sound of the video, as the video is a muted animation

  3. Thanks so much for your great tutorials, they're very helpful! Just a couple questions regarding the GAudio plugin. When I use it in Pro Tools the display is different and I am not getting the same options, do you know why this would be. Also do you know if there is a way to export audio from Pro Tools in an ambisonic FUMA or Ambix file? When I bounce the audio files it is just giving me the single WAV track, instead of the four track ambisonic. Thanks for your help

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